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Site Description:le is a server dedicated to all those people who want to start a new server and want stability. The rates will be xp x20 of xp and sp for the simple fact that we know that many lineage 2 lovers do not have the same time to level up their characters as before, but we respect the low game and that is why the other rates will be low. We will also activate commands such as .expoff .expon .dressme .vote and others that we will be updating in the beta phase Also Items defined as donation items will also be obtained within the game by farm. On the other hand our support is guaranteed from the web by forum and mail. Also all the help provided in the beta phase. will be rewarded as soon as the server opens We also want to communicate that lineage2 jogus will be a project of barios servers that will open their doors to everyone who wants to play a good lineage2 server We will also open some channels on different platforms for you to play with your friends or meet people on the platforms of Discord Ts3
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