L2RaC x1200 C6!

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Category: Lineage 2
Site Name: L2RaC x1200 C6
Site URL:http://l2rac.eu
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In This Month: 100
Total In: 100
Out This Month: 127
Total Out: 127

L2RaC x1200 C6 Information:

Server Info

XP : x1200
SP : x1200
Adena : 20x
Drop : 1x

Safe Enchant: +4 Maximum Enchant: +16 Normal Scrolls Enchant Rate: 100% (Max Enchant +5)
Blessed Scrolls Enchant Rate: 80% (Max Enchant +14)
Crystal Scrolls Enchant Rate: 75% (Max Enchant +16)
Lineage 2 private servers

Custom Npcs
Starting Infos:
Start up system A grade for free.
Level up from 1 to 80 Area.
Farm Areas:
Newbie Zone(drops adena-farm coins-bews-beas).
Adena zone. Mix Area(drops farm coins-adena top ls).
Farm Coin Area(drops Adena-Farm Coins).
Bogs/ls Area.
Party zone(4+members will be needed to join in party zone).
Server Vote System:
Individual vote manager .
Mass reward.
(Antiafk 1 hour protection and ip).

Olympiad daily at 18:00 +2gmt.
Close at 00:00 +2gmt.
Weekly period.
Every Sunday at 00:00 +2gmt.
New heroes will granted with hero status.

Available sieges weekly:

Event Engine With Much Events Every 1 Hour.
Mini And Party Events Every 1 Hour.

Global Gatekeeper.
Global Buffer.
Server Informer.
Vote Manager.
Gm Shop.
Services Manager.
Donate Manager.

Custom Items:
Dynasty Armor
Dusk Weapons
Epic Mask

Vote Coins.
Event medal.
Farm Coins.


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