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    Category: Lineage 2
    Site Name: L2nomercy
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    Site Description:MULTISKILL SERVER GENERAL RATES: EXP: X100 SP: X100 ADENA: X100 Drop: X1 Spoil: X1 Event Mob: X20 Bonus in adena learn all skills.
    In This Month: 14001
    Total In: 14005
    Out This Month: 11442
    Total Out: 11610

    L2nomercy Information:
    We have a community of servers
    Bartz:SERVER GENERAL RATES:-EXP: X100-SP: X100-ADENA: X100-Drop: X1-Event Mob: X20
    L2rivals: Multiskill low x1 no custom Exp / Sp / Drop x1 - more info
    L2khadia: sub-acu Beta
    Sieghardt: Enter full item lv85 PvP Beta

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