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    Site Description:The WarstowN Project is a New Lineage 2 Classic concept. Secret of Empire version, EXP|SP 5x, Adena 4x, Drop|Spoil 1.5x. Support EN|PT|ES. Open Beta ON! Grand OPENING January 23!
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    WarstowN Project - Lineage 2 Classic 5x Information:
    WarstowN is a private server for Lineage 2 Classic, low rate, Secret of Empire. Our server is protected from any external software (bots). For this, we use version 3.1 of SmartGuard that makes the game immune to interference from malicious programs. However, the chronicle itself offers auto-farm.

    We made a continuous effort to balance the game. In order to balance PvP (solo and mass), we made the minimum necessary adjustments in the classes, analyzing from the initial skills up to the end game ones.

    Staff members carry out their private activities, the server being not their source of income. However, we are committed to permanently maintaining the servitor evolution and fluidity. We will always be present in game monitoring the development of the server, giving attention to the community, answering questions and correcting bugs that arise. In addition, we have event projects (PvP and PvE), already developed, that will be implemented during the initial six months of the server.

    Our goal with the server is for it to support itself, so it won't be pay to win. We developed a donation system with a focus on keeping costs, without unbalancing the game. As a reward, cosmetic items, starter packs, VIP accounts, normal enchants and consumables items will be offered. All designed to maintain the balance of the game, so that the server is not hostile to players who choose to play without donating.

    The aim of this project is to last as long as possible. We do not intend to close the server, nor even reopen with another name in a short time.

    Classic Secret of Empire
    Max Level: 80 (for the first six months)
    Advanced Auto Farm
    Free Class Transfers
    2 Clients per HWID
    Active-AntiCheat Antibot Software
    Full Community Board With All Necessary Functions
    Premium Account
    Adena Based Economy
    Retail Buff Slots (20+4), 12 Dance/Song Slots
    1Hour duration on all buffs, dances, songs, prophecies.
    Retail Buff Time on summon buffs.
    Retail Buff Time on Dance of berserker, Song of purification, counter crital
    biWeekly Castle Sieges / Olympiad
    Auto HP/MP/CP Potions
    Mana Potions: 500 MP Restoration with 10 seconds cooldown
    Free Teleportation around the map (for the first week)
    Experience: x5
    Skill Points: x5
    Adena: x4
    Drop: x1.5
    Spoil: x1.5
    Quest: x1.5
    Elemental: x5
    Raid Boss Experience: x3
    Raid Boss Skill Points: x3
    Raid Boss Drop: x1
    Safe Enchant: +3
    Maximum Enchant: +10
    All Scroll Chance: 60% regressive
    Normal Raids: 24 Hours
    Silent Valley: Daily 21:00
    Queen Ant: 24 hours +-4 hours random
    Orfen: 36 hours +-4 hours random
    Core: 36 hours +-4 hours random
    Zaken: 60 hours
    Baium: Domingos 7:00 pm (GMT-3)
    Antharas: 15 days
    Lilith: Mon./Weds. 22:00
    Anakim: Mon./Weds. 22:00
    Disabled Antharas and Instanced Epics
    Period: 20:00 until 00:00 GMT-3, fri.-Sat.
    Starting Points: 30
    Matches: 60
    Hero Period: 2 Week
    Wings of Destiny: +1 to All Stats
    All Castles, 20:00 GMT-3
    Donate Coins (only Aden): 150 per day
    Crown: +1 to All Stats
    Reduced Song of vengeance to 10%
    Reduced Blazing and Freezing skin to 10%
    Reduced Chant of Revenge to 10%
    Reduced Dance of Protection to 10%
    TOI Rift: PvP Zone, 30 Min Timer
    TOI 4: 15 Min Elmoreden Respawn
    TOI 11: 15 Min Amon Respawn
    Elemental Zones: Added Elemental Shards drop to buy Elemental Talisman
    Increased Mob Count (Essence Like): Abandoned Camp, Ruins of Agony, Execution Grounds, Death Pass, Alligator Island, Ivory Tower, Sea of Spores,

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