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    Site Description:Lineage 2 Temple of Zeus (l2toz) is a low rate H5 emulator. Rates: exp/sp = x5 drop/spoil = x1 adena = x3 Custom community board with Gatekeeper Buffer GmShop All buffs from comunity board and scheme buffer are lvl 1 and have duraction of 1 hour Siege every week Hero every 15 days Offline shops Offline Sell Buffs Auto potions No Mana Potions Epic bosses and Raid bosses retail like Complete autolearning of class skills 1st 2nd and 3rd professions for adena Nobless quest No Sub quest Hellbound Island is open and has level 11 Autopickup Dualbox allowed only 2 extra box Antibot system prevents Bots and all kind of automations No Pay2Win Almost perfect Geodata Staff with 15 years of working experience on l2 servers Join us
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